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Have confidence you’ve got your plans right!

Project Your Floor Plans At 1:1 Life-Size

Experience Every Dimension

Step into the true-to-life scale of your home or commercial space and make sure it is exactly as you imagined before work begins.

Design Precision Guaranteed

98% of clients refine their vision post-walkthrough — join them in perfecting your plans.

Prevent Budget Blowouts

Sidestep the average $35,000 cost of mid-construction changes.

Use our furniture pieces on your Lifesize Plan
Working on home plans at Lifesize

Eliminate Builder's Remorse

The Test-Drive for Your Build

Ensure your plans match your dreams, avoiding the regrets that 90% of new builders face.

Clarity Before Construction

With our world-first patented technology, experience your project down to the smallest detail, for peace of mind and a regret-free future.

The Lifesize Difference

Cutting-Edge Visualisation

Our innovative technology is an industry first, providing unmatched clarity in project planning.

Strategic Savings

Smart planning with us means avoiding unexpected costs and staying on budget.

Holistic Perspectives

From a bird's-eye view to a drive-in garage experience, we leave no stone unturned in planning your space.

What's Included in Your Walkthrough?

Ready to Dive In? Don't just dream—walk through your perfect home with unmatched clarity.

1:1 Lifesize Project Tour

Immerse yourself in a lifelike tour of your dream home or project, corner to corner.

Specialised Features Walkthrough

Get into the nitty-gritty of specific areas, including pools and outdoor spaces.

Expert-Guided Walkthrough

Navigate your plans with our specialists, enriching your understanding and fine-tuning as needed.

Moveable Furniture and Walls

Experiment with layouts and furniture; we make it easy to shift and optimise.

Bird's-Eye Gallery View

Gain a holistic understanding with a unique aerial perspective.

Drive-In Experience for Garages

Ensure your garage is a perfect fit, right down to charging stations for electric vehicles.

What Our Lifesizers Say About Us

We're Rated 4.9 Stars on Google!

  • Suzy M
    a month ago
    Absolutely brilliant service. This was truly invaluable in our build process. To have the walk through before lodging plans for approval gave us valuable insight and opportunity to identify changes we...
  • Greg Robinson
    a month ago
    Excellent way to visualise the spaces you are building in your house. Great service and guidance from Stefano as he guides you through the different rooms, making observations and suggestions as you...
  • Grant & Megan Rees
    3 months ago
    We just experienced quite possibly the coolest concept in the building industry. Our new home is a custom plan and as a visual person it’s made it a little hard for me to imagine what things will...
  • Zena Fazil
    2 weeks ago
    Highly highly highly recommend doing this for anyone who is in the process of building their home. We were about to sign off on plans but before we did we decided to do the tour of our home with life...
  • John-Paul Bossi
    3 months ago
    A brilliant service! Like most people I considered myself able to read architect’s plans, but there is no substitute for walking-through in real scale. The amount of tiny details (door positions,...

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Trailblazing Technology

Lifesize Plans is an original, world-first with our Innovative Patented Technology

Customer Satisfaction

With a 4.9/5 Google Rating, our commitment to your satisfaction is unmatched.

Industry Recognition

We're regularly featured in the media and winning awards for innovation.

Special Mention

As PropTech's Highest Achiever of the Year 2022, we're known for our innovation.

Let's Make Sure Your Plans Are Perfect

Walkthrough your plans at lifesize scale, use our moveable furniture and wall props so you can get your plans right, avoiding costly mid-construction changes, so you can have just what you imagined.

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